We often stand by our clients’ projects from the very first ideas. Our aim is to be as helpful as possible during the implementation stage. Thanks to this individual approach to clients, we solve their projects, help them with the primary technical design and support them during the entire time we work together. It does not matter if it concerns processing a completely new technical design from the very beginning or re-designing one that has already been produced or even just drafted parts and altering them according to particular needs.

We draw the technical documentation using Solid Edge CAD software, make 3D models of parts, their assemblies, including collision testing, followed by production and assembly drawings. We also export models to other formats, either for other CAD software or 3D printing. We also do reverse engineering where we are able to draw a model from an existing part or to make a CAD model from a 3D scan, and to modify them. The model can be transformed to the CAM environment where the technology and the CNC code for machines are created. We also customize CNC programmes in CAM programmes. All upon personal agreement.

We know that product development itself is one of the most important parts of the commercial and technical process; therefore, we will not leave you alone. It does not matter if you contact us during the preliminary design stage or directly before manufacturing, we are always available for technical consultations.


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