If you need a perfect surface for your part that cannot be attained by standard blasting or grinding, and not just for complex parts, then the solution is the “wet” blasting method. Metal blasting using a mixture of abrasives and water is a quite new surface treatment method. The principle is the same as for standard blasting with the exception that the water “softens” the impact of the abrasive particles on the blasted material which results in a satin matt surface that is not rough at all. It effectively hides post-machining marks, unifies the surface and delivers great surface aesthetics.  Compared to “dry” blasting it does not reduce blasting productivity. For aluminium parts the resulting surface may be anodized which protects the surface against scratching or finger marks.

The difference between the surface of ordinary and decorative blasting.

You will be more than surprised with the outcome once you see it.


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